A useful, practical and lightweight network software.

This tool has been developped by Rabih Sarieddine. Its' main purpose is to help developers, testers and consultants to identify non-functional problems and perform stress testing. It captures network traffic and parses the requests and responses of the following entities:

  • HTTP
  • SQL Server
  • MySql
  • Oracle (only requests)
  • Based on this, PI Engine offers the possibility of triggering alerts based on the captured data. When a set of configured conditions is matched, a set of actions are executed. There are builtin standard actions and you can develop your own custom actions. This makes PI Engine a very flexible tool that integrates within your environment.

    In terms of stress testing, PI Engine is capable of performing stress tests at HTTP level or at database level directly. You can define your own scenarios and execute them automatically through a builtin command line tool or execute them manually through the engine's UI.

    To sum up, PI Engine has three main goals:

  • Capture, filter and parse network traffic
  • Trigger customizable alerts
  • Perform stress testing