A lightweight, non-intrusive tool to capture HTTP, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and general network traffic. Replay captured traffic, perform advanced stress tests and setup custom alerts on your servers.

This tool is very useful for non-functional testing and low-level debugging. It fully parses HTTP, SQL Server and MySQL requests and responses. It also parses Oracle requests.

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Download a 14-days fully functional trial and start using PI Engine. Don't hesitate to contact us for support or if you need additional trial time. Please consult our resources for video tutorials and pdf documentation.

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Learn how to use PI Engine in local and distributed modes. How to configure your alerts, to customize them with your own code, to perform stress testing and to integrate PI Engine in your testing infrastructure.

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Wether you are an enterprise or an individual, the licensing scheme is the same: buy one license, use it on any machine with unlimited support and upgrades for free! Licenses are time unlimited!